Susan Almeida

Hi, I am Susan Almeida, the founder of Love Admin Virtual Assistant Services.  With over 20 years administrative experience in corporate, legal and NPO environments, I now assist small businesses, entrepreneurs and busy professionals on a daily basis by providing them with affordable administrative assistance.

You might feel the words “Love” and “Admin” are two words that should never be in the same sentence, but in my world they fit together perfectly! I have been told many times that I possess a true gift for administration.  I instinctively know how to turn complicated systems into simple ones and bring order out of chaos.

After taking the Gallup Strengths Finder test and discovering what my top 5 strengths were, this all made complete sense to me.  My top strength being Restorative.  I love to fix broken systems and put in place something simple, intuitive and easy to use.

I am passionate about helping small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their businesses as well as giving busy professionals more time to do what they love.

I believe you don’t need to be bogged down by the things you don’t like doing or are not good at.  Let someone else do it, someone who is good at it and who enjoys doing it, so you can do what you love.

When not running around to assist my clients, I spend my free time caring for my family, Gary, my husband of 15 years and my daughter Grace Lilly – a very busy 5-year-old!  We enjoy nature and the outdoors, so living in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, suits us just perfectly!

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